22 Little Known Facts About One Direction That Even Directioners Don’t Know

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One Direction: 15 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know

By Brogan Morris. Though the group has since been on hiatus, with individual members all currently venturing on successful careers on their own, One Direction is even in absentia still probably the biggest band in the world. As all five former members fight it out in the charts as rivals, we look back on their whirlwind time together.

Here are ten things you never knew about One Direction. In the beginning, when the boys were first getting to know each other, they were tasked with coming up with a band name. Ideas were thrown around, some good, some bad and some that were…questionable.

The bad boy from One Direction is not only known for his devilishly There are however, many facts about Zayn and his love-life that you.

Hi there you little Peasant! I’m Vera. If your a Directioner too, then go click that folllow button now! Fangirling every single day is so hard. But i don’t regret being one for anything in the world. He has two older sisters, Nicole and Ruth. Liam only has one kidney! He made it through to the judges houses.

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One Direction is one of the most popular boy bands right now, which is especially impressive considering the era of the boy bands was seemingly over before they hit the scene. Their movie, This Is Us, made some of the members quite nervous. It makes you feel vulnerable, I think, when you put yourself out there that much, so it was exciting.

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One Direction , British-Irish male vocal group whose stylish good looks and bright pop-rock sound captivated young fans around the world in the early s. The members were Niall Horan b. December 24, , Doncaster, South Yorkshire , England. The group formed in on the British television show The X Factor , a talent contest for aspiring singers. Each of the five members auditioned and originally competed as a solo performer, but early in the season they were advised to pool their talents.

Taking the name One Direction, the boys—all were between 16 and 18 years old at the time—attracted substantial attention, especially from young female viewers, for their charismatic stage presence and vocal skills. After building its fan base in early by touring the British Isles with fellow The X Factor contestants, the group entered the recording studio.

26 Essential Things to Know About Harry Styles

The only thing One Direction has more of than hit songs is ex-girlfriends. Within six years, the four dudes have collectively dated almost 20 girls. It’s an impressive figure, especially given the fact that they spend at least 9 months of the year on the road.

After leaving One Direction in March , Malik made a splash the following year Malik then began dating model Gigi Hadid in late

Although there wasn’t a One Direction reunion planned , it didn’t stop the boys posting emotional statements about their time in the band. The week before their anniversary, One Direction also announced their plan for the special day which included a special website called ‘ 10 Years of One Direction ‘. As expected the website was in high demand all day after going live in the early hours of the 23rd July, with many fans struggling to get it to load. Harry Styles and his fellow One Direction members Liam Payne , Louis Tomlinson , Niall Horan and former member Zayn Malik may have all started out their careers on The X Factor , but they’ve gone from strength to strength as solo artists too, with Harry recently releasing his single ‘ Watermelon Sugar ‘.

Since announcing their hiatus in , all five of the boys have gone on to do amazing things and are still friends, with Niall and Liam reuniting on Instagram Live and mocking Louis Tomlinson for being ‘busy’. His star sign in Virgo. Other famous people who hail from there include Jeremy Clarkson and Brian Blessed. Harry and Louis, who are apparently the messiest members of the band, once shared a house!

One Direction Facts 😍❤

Did you know that One Direction ‘s Harry Styles is a budding art collector? And that the first song the boys ever performed together was a classic ’90s hit made famous by a woman? Directioners, put your 1D knowledge to the test by watching the video above: the inaugural edition of our new weekly series Think You Know Pop?

Caroline — who’d previously dated Prince Harry and went on to date other British celebs — was 14 years older than the One Direction star.

Harry was born on 1st February making him the youngest member of One Direction. His middle name is Edward. He said of the experience to The Sun: “That was quite a weird time. I remember crying about it. Harry absolutely loves getting naked. Harry was brought up in the beautiful village of Holmes Chapel in Cheshire. The village is 21 miles south of Manchester. As of 24th August , Harry has the most Twitter followers Harry and Louis are the only two members of One Direction who have passed their driving test.

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Cast your mind back to November , when a then year-old Harry Styles enjoyed a three-month whirlwind romance with internationally renowned pop singer, Taylor Swift. During their brief relationship, the pair were spotted wearing matching necklaces, visiting Central Park zoo and kissing in the middle of Times Square in New York as the clock struck midnight on New Year’s Eve, before splitting soon after a romantic getaway to the British Virgin Islands.

Since their semi-acrimonious split in her single ‘Out of the Woods’ was rumoured to be about the Brit singer , Styles reportedly went onto enjoy relationships with the likes of Cara Delevingne and Kendall Jenner , but has since come to realise some home truths about his rollercoaster-like dating history, during his hiatus from the limelight. In an interview with Nick Grimshaw on The Radio 1 Breakfast Show earlier this week, the year-old admitted the focus on his up-coming album and role in Christopher Nolan’s film, Dunkirk , has meant he’s had to put his dating life on the back burner for the time being.

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Would date a girl 5 years younger but no younger than that. I like someone I can have a conversation with, and I would always look for someone who could get on with my parents. Do you Scream when you organism? He loves when a girl wears a dress with converses. So it is a little bit upsetting sometimes if you see him with the weight of the world on his shoulders. It does annoy us a bit. I think I would die from all the hotness!

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